Running up the stairs like a boxer training

Well, since I replaced my broken fitness tracker a couple of weeks ago (after I’d been without it for 6 months), I’ve realised how awful I’ve been treating myself. I didn’t necessarily feel unfit but I knew I could be doing a lot more to take better care of myself.

Always rushing to catch buses & trains, dashing from one meeting to the next at breakneck speed, skipping meals because I just didn’t have time to eat, working long hours on top of a 3-4 hour round-trip commute, logging onto a fast food delivery app as soon as I got home, almost giving myself indigestion while devouring the takeaway before falling wearily into bed. Fast forward 5 hours to do the same thing all over again! Gosh, I feel shattered just writing it all down!

It hadn’t always been like this. Several years ago, the lengthy commute’s predecessor was a less than polished school run followed by a 30 minute short hop to a local job, the takeaway’s ancestor was a healthy home cooked meal which meant the meal skipping’s precursor was a packed lunch from the previous day’s leftovers. My days were just as long as there was still the mad dash after work to don my “Mum’s Taxi Service” cap to chauffeur the little darlings to football practice, birthday parties, friends’ sleepovers but I still managed to eat!

Isn’t it amazing how our lifestyle changes as our children grow into young adults? As they spend more time with their special ones, I find myself thinking it’s a chore to cook “proper” food just for me. Never mind that one of my kitchen cupboards is positively creaking from the weight of all the plastic takeaway containers I refuse to dispose of. My initial plan was that at some point I’d feel guilty at the evidence of my bad diet and change my ways……up to a couple of weeks ago, I was still waiting for the guilt to tap me on the shoulder and “tut” at me but nada, nichts, rien, nothing.

Eventually my son gently admonished me in a fantastic display of role reversal when he asked me what I’d eaten that evening, “No mum, cream crackers and Wotsits is not a meal!” Now when he put it like that, what could I say in justification? I knew trying to point out that Wotsits were cheesy, therefore one of my 5-a-day, just wouldn’t cut it!

Hence the fitness tracker…..logging my food and water intake against the calories I burn up through speeding about highlighted how much I was short-changing my body. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve drastically overhauled my lifestyle. I schedule in time to work out and eat properly. No more eating brown apples or mushy bananas that have sat neglected all day on my desk. I feel so much better. Today, I actually ran, yes ran, up 6 flights of stairs at work just to see if I could do it. Previously, I’ve only managed 4 flights at walking pace before having to stop for a rest. To be fair, they are huuuuuge flights of stairs. Today I managed to reach the 5th floor before I had to slow down to a quick step but I made it to the 6th and celebrated with a mini fist pump. Next time I might actually make it all the way, then I’ll celebrate by shadow boxing at the top, just like real boxers do.

Here’s to a fun and healthy lifestyle! Now what to do with all those plastic containers………

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10 thoughts on “Running up the stairs like a boxer training

  1. Hi Letisha! Sending you so much Light and love for coming into a pace that is harmonious for you and your body. ❤ My spiritual teacher John-Roger has said that "health is loving who you are", which I completely love!

    I have this one affirmation where I say, "Every day, I am honoring and respecting me and my body. Every day, I am loving and caring for me and my body." It's so helpful as a reminder to do what supports me. What I LOVE is that this can be different for everyone … e.g., what supports me may not necessarily support you. Does that make sense?

    Anyway I'm rambling a little. 🙂 Just wanted to say that I love you bounded up the steps. Sounds really joyful. I am a long-distance runner, and that process of running and getting into the rhythm really supports me & is so much fun. Lots of love!! ~Debbie

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    1. It makes perfect sense Debbie. Since I’ve started treating my health with care & respect, I’ve felt so much happier. It’s recognising that while I want to be there for everyone else, it’s really ok to save the best of me for me. That way, when I interact with others, I can do so without thinking or wishing I was somewhere else. Yes, you’re right, I bounded up the steps so amazed & happy that I was actually doing it. Long distance running – that takes discipline & stamina. Good on you! My cross-country running days began & ended at high school. I was always last back through the school gates as I used to stop off at home on the back leg for a cup of tea & chat with my mum 🙂 As you’ve read in my “Lessons learned through Sport”……school sports definitely not my strong point so my house being 10 minutes walk away from school was great on cross-country days!

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  2. You have an impressively packed daily schedule. I think I would break down after a week. I also find exercise works wonders, however I have realised I tended to overdue it, turning it into another thing to do in a rush and at full speed. I’ve now turned to slow jogging and slow food and I feel my life has become way slower at the same time. What a relief… Good luck with your health plans. Your son sounds like a great accountability partner. 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean. I used to see exercise as just something else I had to fit into my day. Now I see it as “me” time, just as much as if I was taking a meander around the shops or getting my hair done. It’s time for me to switch off & enjoy the experience of actually selfishly doing something just for me. I’ve the added bonus of watching the birds out of my window as I exercise. A robin has now come along to join the blackbirds & wood pigeons 🙂 Yes my son’s great. He’s now taken to challenging me to weekly competitions on our fitness trackers! Glad to hear your life is slowing down to a more manageable pace too 🙂

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        1. I’m creating my own nature reserve in my urban back garden 🙂 The pond I dug a couple of summers ago and the small wildflower patch I’ve allowed to self-seed is really encouraging the wildlife to stop by and hi 🙂 🙂

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  3. I get great joy when I walk so fast my fitness tracker records it as running. I know I’m walking but hey it thinks I’ve stepped up. As for those take away containers, as I transitioned from cooking for a family to cooking for an empty nest I had a tough time with reducing the amount of food prepared and adjusting recipes to the minimum of one egg. So I started freezing the extras for lunch the following week. That way you don’t have to eat it back to back and you grab and go in the morning.

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    1. What a fantastic idea re: containers. I’ll definitely “take that away” & start doing next week. Wow! Are you one of those speed walkers?! That’s amazing! I had an unexpected achievement yesterday. I started a solo, impromptu danceathon yesterday afternoon, dancing around my lounge to music TV then a last minute decision to go out clubbing with my friend (1st time in aaaaaages). 9 hrs later, my tracker recorded 19k steps for yesterday and a head start of 7k for today. Dancing = steps – YAY! Even better as my son had taunted me onto a weekend challenge. Thanks to dancing, I’ve smaaaaashed it! 🙂

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      1. It’s all about moving. And positive moving is the way to go. I do not power walk and I’m short with abnormally short legs so I have to move them quickly. I am fairly certain my fitness tracker is broken.


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