If we were having coffee right now…..

I’d be talking soooooo much that I’d hardly be catching a breath and your ears would be hurting! My words would be tripping over each other as they tumble out of my mouth in somersaults of excitement. Your eyes would be swivelling round in their sockets like a cartoon character as you try to keep up with the flow. Then we’d both collapse into hysterical fits of laughter as we realise that we don’t actually care that my speech is jumping from one subject to another at the speed of sound or that your brain is rattling around like the ball in a pinball machine as you try to process all the information coming your way. What we care about is that we’re both in good company, enjoying the give & take of our genuine, supportive friendship and truly appreciative that we’re there for each other through life and love.

If we were having coffee right now……..I’d tell you all about what I’d been up to since we last chatted. The great progress I’m making in bringing people together to address workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination; the wonderment I feel when watching my newly resident robin redbreast sitting on the garden fence making friends with the wood pigeons and blackbirds (amazing to see how readily it’s been accepted into their established fence-sitting group); the hopefulness I experience every time I check my garden pond to see if Freddie (my resident frog from last year) has returned after hibernation – he’s not back yet but I’ll let you know when that happens; my joy at seeing my first grey squirrel of the season scampering across the roof of my garden shed; my surprise and awe when coming face to face with an urban fox in my garden while putting out my recycling late one evening (I’m not sure which one of us was more shocked!);the peaceful, floaty sensation that washes over me as I look up to the blue sky, fluffy white cotton wool clouds and feel the warm sun on my skin; my excitement at being involved right from the start of a fabulous football community project as a way to reach young people at risk of gang crime and violence; my absolute unconditional love and gratitude for my children – my fantastic son cooked me dinner yesterday evening and I got a lovely, warm group hug with him and my daughter just before she headed off out for the evening.

If we were having coffee right now……I’d tell you that even though I have all this going on right now, I’ll always make time for you, my dear friend. We may not catch up every day due to other stuff in our lives but I’d want you to know that your constant presence in my life is something I’d never want to be without. I’d ask you what’s going on with you. How are you? What’s new? What would you like to fill me in on? Is there anything I can do for you?

If we were having coffee right now……we’d both be saying coffee chats are never quite long enough. When can we meet for a longer catch up? Do you want to know more about what I’ve mentioned above?

If we were having coffee right now…..I’d envelope you with big hugs and kisses and hope that you would feel the joy and positive vibes I want to share with you. xXx 🙂


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