I wonder…..what does it feel like to be notorious……?

What does notorious actually mean? Is it good or bad?

Stick with me while I work this through in my head would you?

When people talk about others when they’re not in the room, what would it mean if they said, “You know [X]? Oh yes, I know them too….they’re notorious for being [X]“?

When initial introductions are made whilst networking, the handshaking’s complete and the next words out of one or other’s mouth is, “I’ve been told you’re notorious for [X].” is that a compliment or a covert jibe?

When our judgements of individuals or groups in society are shaped by their portrayal in the media …..”[X] notorious for their….” is this fair or unjust?

Are our opinions on local and global politics influenced by the party spin? “[X], the notorious leader…” How easily led are we?

Some people are notorious for being notorious and try as you might, you can’t remember the origin of their notoriety.

Notorious – it’s a funny old word. Say it a few times in your head, then in a whisper, then out loud….you see?…it’s quite funny, isn’t it?

What’s funny is, this daily prompt really got me thinking and self reflecting. What drives me to do what I do every day? What motivates me to strive to achieve whatever small or large goal I’m working towards?

Do I crave recognition? Do I hanker after acknowledgement? Do I expect gratitude? Do I want notoriety? Do I beg for attention, tickling behind the ears or rubbing on the tummy like a cute little puppy? Actually, by the time I near the end of my working week that last offer would be quite welcome!

Ok, well thanks for sticking with me.

After quite a bit of soul-searching and wondering, I think I’ve sussed it.

I’ll probably never know what it feels like to be notorious as that would mean living my life to what other people think of me and say about me. Now I know I definitely can’t be bothered to expend energy and effort doing that when……

Sometimes I like to be all on me tod, other times I love to be in company,

Sometimes I feel deliriously happy, other times I feel inexplicably sad,

Sometimes I give generously to others, other times I put myself first,

Sometimes I’m surprisingly grown up, other times I’m incredibly immature,

Sometimes I’m spontaneous, other times I’m more reflective,

Sometimes I can spell, sometimes I can’t (think I’ve done quite well here!)

However I’m feeling, I’ll continue to live my life by my values, thanks very much – integrity, authenticity, openness and respect for others.

Who knows?….Maybe I’ll end up being notoriously me without even knowing it! Now that’s something! 🙂

What do you reckon? How important is being notorious in the grand scheme of who we actually are?

via Daily Prompt: Notorious


6 thoughts on “I wonder…..what does it feel like to be notorious……?

  1. I think like many things in our society being notorious, known or famous for a bad deed, has gotten caught up in many folks desire to be famous for being famous and confusing bad deeds for good. The only thing I wish to be notorious for is “testing” cake before it’s served. I’m with you, I’ll stick to my authentic self that is burning to be full of good deeds.


      1. I think a definition is a definition, but hey that’s the scientist in me speaking. Whether or not you want to be known for bad deed is a personal choice and a question of personal values and how they integrate with societies values. As for me, I’m going to go old school on this one and save the word for when I really need it.

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        1. Snap! Words are used in so many different contexts nowadays that I’m constantly checking the dictionary & thesaurus to make sure I’m using words as they’re meant to be used. My early years playing Scrabble with my mum & brothers have served me well though 🙂


  2. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and very interesting perspective. I do want to make a positive difference whenever & wherever I can. I’d also like to be remembered in a good way when I’m no longer here although, as you say, I’ll like to keep denying that “sure thing”. Does that mean I wish for notoriety? Hmmmm….*soul searching recommences*. Yes, you’re right, some people become notorious for unfathomable actions but is that what drives them all to do what they do or are there other underlying reasons in some instances? Lots of food for thought in your comment. Ps…I see what you did there with qualm daily prompt word recall 🙂


  3. I think we’re all notorious for wanting to leave some kind of mark on this world, and I surmise most of us want it to be a positive one. We all deny death to some degree, although it’s one of the few “sure things” in life. But what of sociopaths and mass shooters and the like? I reckon they’re missing the element of qualm (word recall…boom), making their notoriety not subject to such humane musings as positive or negative….just notorious, no matter. So I figure being notorious in some level – being known for something – must be a deeply engrained homo sapein trait.

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