Wishing for a super catapult….

How can the acts of so few catapult so many into orbits of despair?

Why do the inhumane thoughts of a minority catapult the majority into overwhelming despair and grief?

What gives “people” the right to catapult themselves to self-elected takers of life?

When did total disregard for fellow human beings catapult itself over compassion in the minds of violent offenders?

These and so many other questions swirl around my mind on days like today.

Waking up to news of sadness and sorrow, loss and lamentation spurs me on to make whatever positive difference I can in this world of ours.

I wish I could scoop up all the people who live their lives in hope, respecting others, doing good and being a shining light for others in their time of darkness.

I wish I could catapult the whole community of gentle, peace-loving, compassionate human beings to a world of love, harmony and unity.

Until I acquire that super catapult, I’ll continue loving, hoping, harmonising and uniting with society’s majority so we will not cower in fear……we will stand together. PEACE! xx

via Daily Prompt: Catapult


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