Mum, sister, friend, colleague, curious & continuous learner, novice gardener, youth football enthusiast, advocate for diversity, inclusion, equality & fairness.

Change begins and grows with each and every one of us and has the potential to pave the way for bigger change around us. This is my first ever blog & I’ll write about what happens when I’m adventurous in shaking things up to change things for the better (for myself and others) and what happens when I sit back and do nothing. People I meet, people who inspire me, opportunities that appear as if by magic as well as those I hunt high & low for.

Well, that’s my “plan”. You’ll soon realise that I’m more of a “go with the flow”, “fly by the seat of my pants”, “plan – schman”, kind of person.┬áSometimes things go swimmingly, other times not so smoothly and I get bitten on the bum quite painfully. ┬áSometimes I laugh off my epic fails, other times I beat myself up mercilessly but I always learn from my mistakes. Sometimes I feel like I know exactly who I am, other times I have to dig into the deep recesses of my mind to find my authentic self.

Whatever happens, however I’m feeling, feel free to share my roller coaster ride, through my blog – clinging on for dear life, sometimes terrified but more often than not, enjoying the ride.